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Internship With ISO Certified Organization In Patna For B.Tech, CSE, MCA, MBA, BCA, BBA Engineering Student

About Our Company

We offer various career-oriented courses- software, hardware, and live training on projects. We provide online lectures, classroom lectures by our real-time experts. ALEIIT Institute is also an Aleiit Technologies Private Limited.

Aleiit Institute is one of renowned information technology (IT) educational and training for software, hardware & networking platform, and consulting firm. We are originally based in Pune, Maharashtra, India. We currently have branches across four states of the country, including West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Uttar Pradesh. We are looking forward to expanding our branches and provide our services all over the country.

Our institute came into existence to offer various software development and training related services to all the amateur and budding developers, coders as well as marketers. Perhaps, you need not have any specific educational qualification to be what you want to wish to be. We offer our services in different fields, helping you and helping you get a decent job at a reputed company.

At ALEIIT we make an innovative solution to your problem that makes your online presence different from others. ALEIIT was developed with a dream of becoming a leader in the field of Digital Service by Mrs. Kirti Kumari in 2020.

About Aleiit

Aleiit Internship Program

Throughout an internship program session, you will get a chance to develop a variety of soft skills, including personal effectiveness, presentation skills, communication skills, creative problem solving and influencing skills. As it will be your first step toward earning experience and knowledge by doing the training program of Internship in Patna. So join the Internship Program in ALEIIT Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We are also offering Internship programs in various technologies with well-planned courses and industry-oriented environment. Hence, we guarantee for your knowledge and skills and knowledge is key to success.we are certifed from ISO-IAF, UK-GLOBAL USA, DPIIT govt. of India,Ministry of Corporate Affairs

Aleiit Mission

To be recognized as a quality research campus with extensive research conducted in the areas of renewable energy.

To be a place where education is imparted through extensive and innovative use of technology and world-class facilities.

To be a source of inspiration that nurtures the youth as responsible, talented professionals by sowing the seeds of skill based education and technical competency.

To represent itself as one of the renowned research oriented universities across the world, by collaborating with leading academic and corporate bodies

To be a university where the students are nurtured by an application and research focused pedagogy along with, promoting a research oriented culture.

Why To Choose ALEIIT ?

We strive to provide the best of our services and continuously work towards the betterment of our students. In case of any doubts, we also offer a free consultation to clients and prospects

Why To Choose ALEIIT Technologies For Internship ?

  • An ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Organization

  • An ISO ISO 27001: 2013 Certified Organization

  • Recognition by DPIIT, Govt. of India

  • Recognition by MCA, Govt. of India

  • Recognition by MSME, Govt. of India

Importance Of ALEIIT Technologies.

  • It helps to gain a better understanding.

  • It increases the chance of graduates finding employment.

  • Provides valuable experience.

  • Industry oriented environment.

  • Experienced and highly qualified trainers.

  • Experts assistance and help all along with your project.

  • You will work on your interest and your first idea to its final deployment.

  • Work on live projects.

  • Brilliant supervision by our Technical head.

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